“Exalted Battlemaster, lead them rank and file”
Divisions of our stern and taciturn warriors of the past
Unrelenting and steadfast
Conscripts kept in line all this time, no chance to disobey
Where there is a whip there is a way
I can hear the clarion call to arms, brutish mobs trained solely to do harm
Honor for the first, not a curse, beginning our assault
And wounds of valor that result
Lowering their spears like the steady rolling gears of a machine
And falling axes, guillotines
I can hear their gutless craven laughter, seas of fodder cheering for their master

The ugly face of war
Rank and File
Legions growing more and more
Rank and File
Minions marching
Rank and File
March with the Overlord
Rank and File

Notches keeping score by these veterans war-to-war on the campaign
And very little space remains
Terror they insight parading onward thru the night, torches glowing
And still the flames are ever glowing
I can hear the clamor of their armor, dreaming of what plunder they may garner
Formations in the ice, strategic flanking by surprise, a lethal ruse
Outmaneuvering is no use
Sheer numbers awfully daunting let alone the ceaseless taunting too
A crass and pitiless brood
I can hear their shuffling hooves and feet, a march like thunder announcing coming siege

Sent to the frontline prepared for attack
Crossing the threshold there is no turning back
Combat pushed forward as night becomes day
Carnage completed once none are left to slay
Our targets before us, our orders are clear
Swift progress is made, victory draws near

Tactically brilliant, rapidly gaining ground
Shackling prisoners, humiliated clowns
Ruining resources, arrogantly proud
Nothing but scorched earth left in our wake
Dividing munitions, supplies they can’t hide
Thrown into chaingangs, our control stretched wide
Rewarding our warriors, claiming our warbrides
We do as we please and we take what we want

Plowing down defense lines in all out attack
Frenzied for blood, there is no turning back
A starlit slaughter as night becomes day
A holocaustal halting once none are left to slay
Ruthlessly advance, our orders are clear
Few are now left, victory’s swords I now hear!

Their kings are at our feet
Stewards of our mud
The ugly face of war
Legions growing more and more
Rank and File
Minions marching
Rank and File
March with the Overlord
Rank and File


from Battlehungry and Swordsworn, released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Battlemaster Richmond, Virginia

Andy Horn - Vox
Alex Psitos - Guitar
Brady Cole - Guitar
Peter Sims - Bass
Alex Tomlin - Drums

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